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In outright and ew golf betting you are working with huge odds, particularly on the betting exchanges and often events are priced up in such a way that there is huge potential for profit. As with all betting, a good numerical mind is essential, added to a deep knowledge of your sport and for all you golf betting enthusiasts I'm going to outline some areas to take into account when you are looking for an edge in your golf betting:

Course Form - A huge factor when when it comes to choosing your golf betting picks for the week. When I'm researching, I generally take a look over the previous five years of the tournament in question (provided it's on the same course) and look for names that repeatedly pop up in the top 30 or so. A player that features regularly generally doesn't do so out of coincidence. Some courses fit the eye for certain players and when this happens, they generally play well.

Current Form - As ever in sport, confidence is crucial and in golf betting, it's vital to pick players in form. A good guide is to look back over the three weeks previous and especially look for players who have been getting progressively better. They may be about to peak. Current form means they are swinging and striking the ball well and high confidence means a good chance of doing well on the greens - the key to winning any golf tournament. Any player who's been out of competitive action for three weeks or more is best left alone.

Course Setup / Player Attributes - Horses for Courses. As with course form, different courses suit different players and it's imperative in golf betting to know the specific attributes of your players and the attributes the course demands. EG. If the golf course plays 7,500 yards, that immediately puts the shorter hitters at a disadvantage. The official site is the place to research the golf courses and player stats.

Weather Forecast / The Draw - Last but not least for now, one of the key variables in golf betting is the weather and which players will get the best of it. At the British Open Championship 2010, one side of the draw (the early/late starters I believe) were completely blown out of contention. In general, it's better to be out early to avoid the windier conditions and to get the best of the greens. On the mental side I believe the late Thursday/early Friday starters get the psychological advantage. Certain players play well in certain conditions.

To be a successful bettor, numerous skills are needed such as good analytical and numerical skills, good bankroll / risk management abilities with a good strategical approach but I hope the factors to look out for above will help you on your way to success in the golf betting game.

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