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Any support I get from those benefiting from winning tips is greatly appreciated. Those who kindly give back €10 or more will be added to the mailing list which is currently running

What mailing list members get:
- Early Euro / PGA Selections direct to your inbox ahead of the public
- Directed to top prices and best odds available before they are inevitably cut
- Advised F/O staking plans and Betfair trading fancies and pointers

Please note the mailing list is currently closed

Please note that Nicspicks is just my hobby and all tips and information are free and available to everyone by Wednesday evening - no monetary contributions are mandatory. The mailing list is a premium content feature for those who kindly support me for the time I put in and those on it can hopefully benefit more from early access to info. Further contributions / beer money etc - while optional - are very much appreciated when we have our winning weeks.

All selections will be available to everybody via the P&L spreadsheet or on my Unibet golf column by Wednesday evenings



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  1. Hi, are you IFstone (Stillwater)? If so can you please send me an active email address



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