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Nicspicks Mailing List

The members mailing list service* has been set up for anyone who buys me a beer or 2 as a thank you or general gesture. You can do so via the "Donate" button below, or through this link

members mailing list service
- Weekly heads up members email with betting shortlists
- Fancies sent Mondays to avail of best prices
- targeted course fit player profiles and markets
- early access to odds and rankings spreadsheets
- Selected course fit and progressive form numbers (majors)

The current service (7 years) Profit and loss running total is: +819.18pts.

To remain on the list longer term, I simply ask you to send the odd contribution at times we hit a strong run or a big winner. This allows me to keep uploading content for free so is much appreciated.

*the list will be updated from time to time to be fair to those contributing, and myself.


Winning tip? If you'd like to support me with a beer or 2, you can Buy me a beer here and it is very much optional but appreciated. Cheers lads.