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Each Way Golf Betting, top 10 and 20 place golf betting - New staking plan

The last few years have seen a noticeable change in the golf betting markets - whether betting the outright each way, the top 10 or top 20 place, or even the first (1st) round leader golf betting markets. In short - especially over the last 18 months up to the beginning of 2020 - the strength and depth of competition across the main PGA tour and European golf tour has soared.

What does this mean for golf bettors and the each way and place markets betting? A prominent theme throughout my 2019 golf betting season was my tips and bets finishing a shot or 2 outside the places. My picks didn't necessarily perform worse than in seasons past. Basically the strength and depth of the field has now pretty much doubled compared to say 5 years ago on the golf betting circuit. 1 shot can mean the difference of between 5 to 10 places. 2 shots dropped and a guy in the top 6 may even miss out on a top 20 in some events. Never mind the variance involved in actually picking the winner of a golf event. Playoff losses, and healthy leads dropped down the stretch are now a lot more commonplace with a larger number of quality golfers ready to pounce on mistakes.

I've long been talking about the possible inefficiency of golf betting markets such as the 1st (first) round leader each way EW, or top 10 and 20 markets. Now I feel that even the main outright each way (EW) market is outdated and a little bit unfair on bettors. We have seen a move to combat this by some bookmakers, just like we have finally seen a shift in the way the 1st round leader market is being compiled. Certain bookies like Betfair Sportsbook are offering 7 and 8 places, while a lot are 10 places on the majors. Some others include place ties.

Trying to get the most out of your selections is going to be key in the next few years and in my opinion, 7 -10 places eachway (EW) is the way forward, with the top 20 market becoming ~top 25 including ties, and the place market top 10 and ties. My idea is to focus on these extra places to give a better chance to maximise some returns on what are good picks that may go unrewarded in lesser place markets. You should be aware that you should also really expect to see the rate of actual winners cut in half in the coming years.

I've been going over some numbers and have a revised staking plan for the members service in 2020, targeting different areas of the markets and optimising to hopefully see better returns. We will be backing all tips in the 1st (first) round leader market to lessen variance and targeting top 10 and 20 rather than each way. Even with the 1st round leader market having undergone significant surgery during 2019, I've noticed some trends I hope to exploit in the near future. Adapting is the name of the game and it will be a very interesting golf betting season ahead.

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