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Happy to say my golf betting book: "ANGLES & EDGES" is now available to order and download in it's online format (eBook) and the print paperback book version below from amazon. If you want to learn more about efficient golf betting or improve your level, there's no better resource. The table of contents and intro is further down....

The digital ebook version of the Angles & Edges book can be ordered above. The print paperback version of my golf betting book can be ordered through amazon below: (scroll down for details and book content snippets).   
You should use the country marketplace you reside in to order: EG: for US: Click here to order from amazon US (dotcom). Click here if you are in Australia. Any trouble and you can drop me an email or DM to order a print copy direct from me manually.

The table of contents, Introduction and snippets from my golf betting book: Angles and Edges are available to view below:

GOLF BETTING BOOK - ANGLES AND EDGES, by Bryan nicholson The table of contents, intro and background for the book show what it's all about. Have a read before purchasing. "A guide through the evolution of golf betting and the markets" gives you a brief synopsis.


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