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2021 Updated Course Fit Profiling Manual Ready

Heads up that my course fit and player profiling manual 2021 is updated and ready to go. There has been a load of work put into manual over the last year or so and there's a ton of information and data for both the European Tour and PGA Tour betting contained in it. If you'd like to order it or read more details about it, you can do so by clicking the buttons or image below.

New: 40 profiles added, ability rankings added. Stats updated

My player profiling and course fit manual supplies all the data for the top players across the European and PGA Tours. Data is derived from official stats. It lists all the metrics and weightings for the various courses. Using this data you can plug the numbers into the interactive model above and get an accurate course fit rating for whatever player on whatever course. It's a great tool to have for golf betting

Best of luck for the season



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