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Golf betting - Course Fit Profiling Manual 2020 - 21

My course fit profiling manual is an essential guide to the angle Nicspicks is adopting going forward. The eBook portrays player game styles & course set ups, and assigns numerical values to player attributes, providing course fit ratings. It is designed to arm you with a weekly early edge over bookmaker odds. Details below:


- bit about each player and their style of play
- strength ratings of player attributes in a top trumps style format
- course fit targeting profiles inc. examples
- betting strategy and best markets segment
- course profiles with key features, premiums and weightings for the model
- a side of humour in "superpowers" form
- data for numerical course fit model ratings

" a course fit weapon vs the bookmakers"

There isn't a lot of golf betting content around that focuses on player profiles and styles of play. I remember when I was "learning the trade" looking around for info that told me whether a player hits a draw or fade, high or low, was good in the wind etc. OR what the courses demand. I couldn't really find any decent stuff so now I've written some myself in this ebook

You can see some examples of the Ebook content below..... it comes in PDF file format to your email used to send payment (accepts Paypal or "pay by card" option at the bottom of paypal page), and delivery is automated. Click the link or "View order" then click the download button on redirect page... Going forward on Nicspicks, the event previews will correlate with my profiling content in the Ebook.

For best results input the ratings from my course fit profiling manual


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