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Nicspicks Update

Hello all,

The hiatus has led to a bit of a restructure and Nicspicks is now going in a bit of a new direction. The focus over the 3 months or so of Corona downtime was the course fit profiling manual and associated model. The interactive model can be found at the bottom of the website and you can play around with it yourself or input my ratings from the manual. This is what weekly previews and tips (all free content) will be centered around. The aim is to cover most good to decent events and have 3 or so selections for each, with various ratings and bet strengths using my own methods inc my progressive form ratings and value calculators. These selections and previews will be available to all on site.

What I have done is created a Patreon blog. I've been missing a platform like this. It's brilliant for writers and creatives to help us operate independently. I can use it to add lots of extra content as and when, and it allows me to receive optional support at the same time. As always I will look for a way to make most content accessible to all, free or for the price of a pint, with extra perks re betting advice for supporters. The more it builds, the more time I can spend doing all sorts of in play content for example. I don't do a lot of weekend stuff, and twitter is shite for talking stuff through/ reasoning etc which i love rambling about.

The members mailing list will be available as ever for anyone who buys me a few pints from winning tips or advice or whatever and Patreon is more an alternative for keen followers I suppose. Check it out. The email contains all weekly tips, advice and sub market plays and flags

I'm loving the new structure and focus of the previews and hope to make the model and course fit manual and strength ratings the theme of my Nicspicks brand yearly. The ebook thing is a route I'm exploring with ideas in mind.

We have the Charles Schwab Challenge preview and selections already up on the blog

For best results input the ratings from my course fit profiling manual


Winning tip? If you'd like to support me with a beer or 2, you can Buy me a beer here and it is very much optional but appreciated. Cheers lads.