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GOLF TRADING: How to place a back to lay golf trade on Betfair using cash out

I'm going to explain some simple back-to-lay bet strategy when trading the golf on Betfair, in a step by step golf trading guide. Trading the golf on Betfair can be very enjoyable whether it be from pre tournament on a longshot at high odds with potential for big swings, or as an in play or in running golf trade on some of the favourites. We can even build lay books and play as a bookmaker would when we get a bit more experience. It can also be quite lucrative, whilst lessening the variance that golf betting or each way golf betting brings in general

Step by step Betfair golf trading and cashout guide:

1. Login to Betfair, or create your betfair account here by clicking the link then "Join Now" button, if you are new to Betfair exchange betting and trading.

2. Find the golf betting markets on the menu bar and click into the specific tournament, and then "winner" page

3. Click the blue box, showing decimal odds, beside the player(s) name that you want to back, enter your stake, then click 'place bet'

Fig.1a shows Steps 1, 2 and 3 above in Betfair golf trading (on mobile device)

4. At any future point in the tournament the orange box showing the "cashout" feature can be clicked to trade your plays automatially, whether you have multiple or single players onside. You can trade out your current position at any time for both a profit if going well, or potentially minimise your losses if not.

Fig 1.b shows you the cashout button

Trading the guys i flag up as bets onsite can be a great alternative way to profit each week from golf betting, especially with place betting being so competitive now............ Create your Betfair account here to give it a try (click link)

The back to lay golf trade above was suggested in play or in running pre round 2 at the RSM Classic with the target of trading out ( or cashing out) between rounds 2 and the end of round 3. The odds as mentioned, and if you are not familiar, are in decimal format on the Betfair Exchange. Basically take 1 point off the number to get your fractional odds. EG: 26.00 is 25/1, or 4.00 is 3/1. The Blue boxes are the odds to back, showing the amount of money available, and the pink boxes are the odds to lay (bet against). The orange cash out button is the amount you can cash out for should you wish to trade out of the market at the current time.

You can see my full length golf trading strategy article here

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