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Nicspicks is an independant website run entirely by myself which provides free VALUE picks, mainly in golf and football. The tips are all about value in the prices, NOT fast profit and are in no way guaranteed to come in on any given occasion so please bet within your means, manage your bankroll well, have patience and you should see the profits come in with time.

Successful value betting is all about maths, probability, good bankroll management and systematic approach rather than backing "winners", and if you know your markets (you should try to focus on a few markets you can excel in) really well and are competent in the mathematical side of things, there's no reason why you shouldn't be profitable long term.

Profitable betting is about finding odds that are higher than your estimation of the "Fair odds". To do this you must understand odds and probabilities. A common mistake people make is thinking that a short priced or odds on pick can't be a "value bet". This is not the case. A value bet can be any price at all, once the price quoted is bigger than what it should be. Bottom line is betting for value is the ONLY way of guaranteeing long term profit in fixed odds betting. IE: If you are getting value in every bet you make, betting becomes investing in probabilities rather than gambling. Click here for a mathematical example and more on value betting.

All tips on Nicspicks are the opinion of myself and noone else unless specified.

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