Last Season Wrap Up and current happenings

I wrote this at the start of the year and forgot to finish and post it so I've left some parts as is because I'm lazy and can't be bothered editing, and I've added in some more up to date stuff...................

So, the "official" season ended for us at the close of the 2016 Playoffs in the US. This post will be the usual honest and transparent breakdown of the season. I did want to get away for an extended break but as longterm followers will know, I find this almost impossible and I'm sinking further and further into the depths of depression! UPdate: Im still f*uckin* here. People have illusions of this type of life but it's not necessarily great. It's pretty sh*t actually, albeit 2016 was actually my best ever year (personally) from an ROI% point of view. Your health is your wealth - never a truer word spoken.

Here are the official season results. Unfortunately those "official" results don't include any of the big priced first round leaders I put up on twitter that got the job done. Only "official" bets are recorded and at prices advised so I will never add any to the official P&L. So I've still obviously been previewing on Unibet and putting up all my fancies and ones to watch etc on Twitter.

Update: As far as my Unibet column and previewing goes, this year - to give me at least a bit of a break - I'll be more cherry picking the bigger events from a betting perspective while leaving the lesser events alone so there will be some gaps. There is no service at the current time but plans are there to revive it in the future (maybe sub based but nothing in the forseeable really as I'm still exhausted) .

The main reason for this is that with my personal betting, last year I started betting consistently with the Sportsbooks again, mainly in the top 10/20 and first round leader markets. I'm not blowing my trumpet, just being honest, when saying I crushed these markets in the back half of last year, while only really treading water in the first 5 months or so. Most of my work is/was on the exchanges and to be honest that's not really going very far - I've been testing different strategies for years and it's been more a process of elimination of what doesn't work. I still haven't really found a longterm strategy or strategies I'm fully happy with. Anyway, due to some big returns in the aforementioned markets with the books I've been obviously severely restricted with many and so in the future maybe a sub service will be my only way to go. We will see.

Back to 2016....."I ended the mailing list a few months ago. The preliminary mailing list was supposed to end after the Masters but I still couldn't bring myself to go subscription based so I just kept sending the emails for months for free. Some of you kindly kept sending me the beer money though after the winners and thank you for that. The mailing list makes Monday's pretty frantic for me. It's like an extra day's work these days with the scramble for golf prices. The mailing list is set up to record the official bets and give my most loyal followers the best chance of top prices. Not all of you will get them now though. "

If there is to be a service, it will be focused on top 10 and top 20 markets where all players will be potential back to lay propositions for the traders and all three fig prices will be first round leader options esp if out in the early draw. I can't advise optimum exit strategies, they will differ for everyone who trades. It may also be limited and more expensive - this time focused toward the more seasoned bettors. The picks would not be sent out until Tuesday night or early Wednesday when the sub markets are fully formed and any selection's price advised would be available with at least 3 mainstream bookies at the time of the email. When sent I can't control what happens. Get on quick. anyway I may not run this service at all. If I do so it will be aimed at longterm loyal followers. In fact with so many players being tipped across loads of platforms now and traders cutting left right and centre, you're nearly better off waiting for Wednesday and Betfair drifts etc. Just let the rubbish be backed in - I see so many dreadful picks being clipped these days. The top 10 and 20 markets are most certainly where the value is at these days.

Make sure to keep an eye on my Twitter Timeline for weekly golf (and some footy) thoughts, insights and fancies as that's where I do a lot of my rambling.


Recent Big Winners: Ross McGowan 400/80 to 1 (place), Tony Finau 50/1, Cam Champ 125/1, Cam Davis 125/1, Matt Jones 80/1 and FRL, Max Homa 60/1, Dean Burmester 55/1, Sam Burns 80/1, KH Lee 200/1, Sergio Garcia 70/1 (FRL), Thorbjorn Olesen 45/1 (FRL), Stewart Cink 150/1, Lucas Herbert 175/1
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