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Trading Diary - Draftkings is here! Well in the UK anyway

So Draftkings is now available to UK registrations. Take a look at the lobby - Register here for Draftkings Daily Fantasy golf - and the different array of contests you can enter. Poker players will be familiar with the set up as it mimics the poker structures. Big money can be won for small buyins (gpps - guaranteed prize pools) or you can go bigger in lesser field tournaments or "cash games"....

I've spent my week pushing Draftkings to readers and looking for potential playing partners for me until it's open to ROI registrations. When it is, I plan on selling some action and hopefully taking on some stakers / investors, if interested, to allow us to play some higher entry fees. Regulars will know Nicspicks has a 4 year average ROI% of 30.41% on advised bets so taking that into account and the fact I'll be doing all the work (my permed teams), there will be a markup so if that doesn't float your boat, it's not for you, and that's fine, I'll still be supplying more and more #DFS content hopefully as the year goes on.

Anyway that's the plan for now - if you'd like to potentially get on board with me in some way, drop me an email to declare your interest. I'd prefer if I've liased with you before as obviously I will go for trusted people over unknown quantities. OBV the transition from betting to daily fantasy won't be lightening quick and I'm happy to discuss strategy etc with people, especially those with a strong poker pedigree or current Draftkings golf pros.

I strongly advise all avid readers of Nicspicks to get involved in Daily Fantasy golf - even for the enjoyment if not the money - and if you could register through my affiliate links, you'd be doing me a favour. TIA.




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