Players Championship back to lay trading tip

As usual in the bigger golf tournaments such as The Players Championship, Thursday morning sees some big price drifts on perceived outsiders on the Exchanges. This morning the
Betfair Players Championship market is no different and the following strategy can be implemented to take advantage of this, or used as a guide to equip yourself with a decent potential position....

Players Championship back to lay trading pointer

1. Dutch Kevin Streelman (140.0), Martin Laird (180.0) and Brendon De Jonge (140.0) - the below screenshot shows you the stakes (to a £100 outlay) to do this (right) and the state of your book when you do (left)

2. Place a lay order on each player at 16.0 for your total outlay of £100. See below for the change of position should a player hit target odds (Laird in this case). The book would be zeroed with big profits remaining on the three.

3. If things go well, I'd look to completely exit my position after 54 holes but depending on whether you're more of a scalper type or swing trader, the point at which you exit is down to your own discretion.

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Bryan Nicholson is the pioneer of the progressive form and course fit ratings for golf betting, with the associated progressive form model and course fit profiling model. Bryan is the author of the annual course fit profiling manual and #1 golf betting book Angles & Edges.

What is expected Strokes Gained Course Fit ?

Bryan pioneered the concept of Expected Strokes Gained Course Fit (xSGF) in golf betting. xSGF can be predicted using my model below. For prospective golf betting tips it projects ahead of time how many shots a player is expected to pick up per round on average on a particular golf course. It's weighed against a neutral golf course of the same rating.

Golf Betting Tips Model

Input up to date player and course data (from the upcoming course fit manual 2024) into this interactive golf betting model. My course fit profiling model for golf betting tips uses highly evolved golf nuance and betting intuition, precise parameters and inputs based on Bayesian analysis, plus years of empirical evidence through observing, betting and documenting golf and stats.

What is Progressive Form in Golf Betting?

Progressive form in golf betting differs from current form in that players are showing a trend in the right direction in their recent scoring. Trending form has a high predictive value in golf betting and can also catch players under the radar at an inflated price vs their true betting odds.

Interactive Progressive Form Golf Betting Model

To check the latest player finishing positions for golf betting tips see the official world golf rankings and search/click a golfer. Input these numbers into the interactive golf model above, following the guide.

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