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HSBC Champions Trading

The following is a play I've been using of late on players towards the middle of the market that I perceive should be higher. I often refer to the word "flip" as early on in tournaments I'll find a lot of them replace the market leaders. As such, I've been working on the best strategy to take advantage of small to larger positions on this. Open a Betfair account here and try this strategy for yourself.

In truth it's been a bit tedious and I've been fiddling with this type of strategy for the last 18 months to 2 years to try and find the perfect plan / exit points / targeted odds etc, but I figure it will be worth it in the end. There will be much more on my trading exploits plus research and what's worked and what hasn't when I eventully get my Ebook done....

This week I've simply done the following on the HSBC champions:

I've targeted my middle of the pack fancies from my HSBC Champions blog preview and pretty much dutched them. €42.50 on Francesco @ 40.0, €32.50 on Hanson @ 50.0 and €25 on Haas @ 65.0 earlier in the week gives the book you see below:

What I do then is I place a lay order on each of those three players for the full €100 outlay so if any of them hit those target odds, we are free rolling. Make sure to tick the "keep at in play" box. From years of experience I know pretty much exactly what needs to happen in terms of scoring for these odds to be hit. Again, I'll go into this in detail in my Ebook but for now, I'd be hoping one of them may hit 8.0 in-play in round 2, all going well.

I generally review after 36 holes and this is where the strategies can become a little ambiguous for want of a better word. There are generally a few options at this point and it simply comes down to your own style as to how you want to proceed. Sometimes all three will have bombed out so there's nothing you can do, sometimes there may be the potential to take your £100 back or exit for a % of your initial liability. Sometimes two of your 3 may have hit the target 8.0 odds and you've already doubled your money and your book looks fantastic and already with the option to exit for a heavy profit.

Personally, from study (and this takes a big tournament sample size, hence the 2 years reserch period so far), I like to leave it go 54 holes and exit then. This is obviously more volatile but seems so far that it will be the most profitable over the long term. If you fancy giving this a go, visit the HSBC Betfair market here (afflink)

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I will be implementing a new staking plan in 2020, targeting different areas of the markets to try and tackle the current evolution of the golf betting game, which has now become so competitive. Bookmaker place terms IMO are for the most part, outdated.

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We will be betting using odds on Betfair Sportsbook where possible, so have access to an account. Betfair offer each way 7 and even 8 places on most events throughout the year. Get Up to the £100 in free bets that are on offer when you sign up through this link

Backing to lay big outsiders and In-play trading will be a feature on Nicspicks throughout the season and a Betfair exchange account is essential to get involved. Click image below:

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