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A great first year for Nic's Picks as we accrued a profit of almost +300units with a yield of over 11%. Check year 1 results here.

As we enter the summer and year 2, there will be some changes implemented into the site for various reasons. As regulars will know I (Nic) run the site mostly by myself all totally free and basically I don't have the time to put as much effort in anymore, especially as my betting/trading in general has been affected with time dedicated to the site that should have been spent studying in more detail!


Change 1: Golf betting will be secondary to football betting from now on. If I get the time I will post a betting preview (usually from the PGA Tour) but I can't promise there will be 1 each week. During the off season in the football, I'll try to have golf betting as normal to keep us going, as well as transfer gossip, odds and antepost betting for the new season. You can always start threads or ask for my opinion on golf events on our Facebook group in the future.

Change 2: Most of the followers/Visitors to Nic's Picks do not understand the staking system I use and I havn't time to answer all emails etc, so I'm going to keep it simple from now on. I'm just going to post the football match betting previews and selections which offer the best value (IMO) for you to use as a GUIDE to help you with your bets and leave the staking to your own opinions if you agree and fancy a bet. I won't be recording results on site in year 2.

Change 3: Mailing list will be put on hold for foreseeable future.


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