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Now Or Never
As the world cup qualification process draws to a close, there are some titanic battles at the top of the european groups this coming Saturday, with some teams vying for the top spot to avoid the coin flip of the playoffs and others that would give a lot just to get that second spot. FIFA have recently declared that the draw for the playoffs will be seeded, which is an absolute disgrace in most people's opinion so top spot for the 'smaller' nations becomes even more important.... Stay tuned for World Cup qualifying International football betting picks
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Selection: Serbia vs Romania

Bet: Nemanja Vidic first goalscorer E/W

Info: This game is likely to be very tight and the deadlock likely to be broken from a set piece. Vidic is a big threat from set pieces.

Strength: 2/10 Stake: 1pt E/W Odds: 20/1 Book: Bet365

Selection: Serbia vs Romania

Bet: Under 2.5 goals

Info: Romania away from home keep it really tight and are tough to break down

Strength:7.25/10 Stake: 3.5pts Odds: 1/1 Book: Betfair

Selection: Greece vs latvia

Bet: Under 2.5 goals

Info: Most matches involving are tight boring affairs

Strength:7.25/10 Stake: 3.5pts Odds: 1.85 Book: Betfair

Selection: Russia vs Germany

Bet: Russia corner handicap (-2)

Info: Russia at home under Hiddink focus attention down the flanks and usually rack up the corners with fast passing and moving football to get in behind

Strength: 7.25/10 Stake: 3.5 Odds: 1/1 Book: Hills

Selection: Cyprus vs Bulgaria

Bet: Cyprus win (+1) handicap

Info: Cyprus at home are a tough nut to crack and very underrated according to these odds

Strength: 7.25/10 Stake: 3.5 Odds: 10/11 Book: Sky Bet


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