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Selection: Double

Bet: City win vs Palace/Spurs win vs Doncaster

Info: Both second teams are nearly as strong as their first and there will be alot of players out to prove that they deserve a first team place

Strength: 6/10 Stake: 3pts Odds: 2.2 Book:

Selection: Arsenal vs Celtic

Bet: Jack Wilshere anytime scorer(Void if non starter)Void

Info: With Arsenal all but through and a trip to Old Trafford waiting at the weekend, Wenger may rotate his team with Wilshere coming in in one of the 3 attacking spots which makes 4/1 a massive price

Strength: 3/10 Stake: 1pt Odds: 4/1 Book: Best prices on golf and football

Selection: Atletico vs Panathinaikos

Bet: Cisse anytime scorer

Info: with the game likely to be stretched, his pace can get him in behind the Atletico defense

Strength: 4.5/10 Stake:1.75pts Odds: 7/2 Book:

Selection:Atletico vs Panathinaikos

Goals spread (buy)

Info: Pana need at least 2 goals here and Atletico only can play one way. This means plenty of space and an open game shouls result and with the firepower on show, likely to be goals just like the first leg.

Strength: 7.25/10 Stake: 1.5pts spread Line: 3.00 Book:

Selection: Amkar vs Fulham

Bet: Under 2.5 goals

Info: Fulham with a 3-1 first leg advantage will be set up to snuff out the opposition. Hodgson is amaster at that and will try to make it a low scoring borefest

Strength: 7/10Stake: 3pts Odds: 5/6Book:

Selection:LFC vs Villa

corners + 11

Info: Villa had one of the highest C.C's on the road last year and the Anfield pitch is set up for corners

Strength: 7.25/10 Stake: 3pts Odds: 10/11 Book:

Selection:LFC vs Villa

Gerrard to score/LFC win double

Info: Gerrard has a good goalscoring record against the loos villa defense - overpriced

Strength: 4.5/10 Stake: 2pts Odds: 9/4 Book: paddypower betting

Selection: Norwich vs sunderland

Bet:Frasier campbell anytime scorer

Info: Will start up top with either Bent of Jones being given a break and a very good record in this competition

Strength:5/10 Stake:2pts Odds: 15/8 Book:

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