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Nicspicks golf betting tips blog is a free golf betting tips service providing some of the best expert weekly tips from the PGA and European Tours. Nicspicks is renowned as one of the best tipping or golf tipster services around, providing expert advice and insights weekly into the upcoming events on the main circuits. Nicspicks blog has recently had it's 10 year anniversary and has been one of the best free tipping services in that time, amassing over nearly 1000 units of profit.

Tips Results, Profit & Loss

Here are the figures of the premium golf betting tips service since inception:

2012 +239.79 ROI% 39.8
2013 +188.65 ROI% 24.32
2014 +300.83 ROI% 33.8
2015 +110.84 ROI% 23.72
2016 +60.7 ROI% 17.1%

This gives us a total of +900.81 units and an average Return On Investment of 27.75%, across circa 2000 golf betting tips over 5 seasons. There was no premium golf tips service running on Nicspicks in 2017/18 but we are currently closing in on the end of the 2019 season, which unfortunately looks like being the 1st losing year. It's been a very interesting grind though with competition across the PGA Tour and European Golf Tour getting so strong the last few seasons, and with that the betting edges and margins are definitely decreasing for all the very best golf betting experts and tipsters, and variance is even more prominent. That said, where there are swings there are often roundabouts, and I'm finding different areas of the golf betting markets are now offering what I feel are good value, and I continue to share my findings for free.

The blog offers free tips, golf betting advice and golf mainstream tournament insights from the European and PGA Golf tours, and also runs a more premium style tips service for members. The tipping service doesn't run on a subscription basis. Nicspicks golf betting tips blog is one of the best and most transparent services out there and simply runs on a fair is fair / give and take model, where you simply buy Nic a few pints as a thank you for winning golf tips, or his general expert golf advice he shares, which is all basically free. You will then be added to the members mailing list. You would also be well advised to follow Nic on Twitter to make sure you don't miss out on any of the free nuggets of info, or subsidiary market tips, including first (1st) round leader tips and best top 10 or top 20 golf tips for the week.

Have a Browse around the blog, starting at the home page, and find all the best free weekly expert golf betting tips and insights from all the recent PGA Tour and European Tour golf events. Hit me up on Twitter or on the email.

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